Dialog component in React Native is designed to manage modal dialogs within your application. The component is split into three key parts: Dialog, which acts as the context provider; DialogTrigger, which handles the action to open the dialog; and DialogContent, which contains the actual content to be displayed in the dialog.


Light mode

Dark mode


npx nativecn-ui add Dialog 



This component doesn’t accept any props directly but acts as a context provider for dialog visibility.


  • children: The React element that will trigger the dialog to open. It should be a component that accepts an onPress prop, like a button.


  • children: The content that will be displayed inside the dialog. This can be any React Node.


To use the Dialog component, wrap your entire dialog structure with Dialog. Then, use DialogTrigger to specify the element that will open the dialog, and DialogContent to define the content of the dialog.

    <Button label="Open Dialog" />
    <View className="flex gap-4">
      <Text className="font-semibold text-xl text-primary">Dialog Content</Text>
      <Text className="text-primary">
        Tap outside the dialog to close it.